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How to Draw Curtains

curtains drawing

Hello dear artists. In today’s drawing tutorial we decided to show you how to draw curtains. As you can see, this is a simple drawing that any beginner artist can make.


Step 1

So, let’s first outline the rods in a shape of very flat and long horizontal rectangle.

how to draw curtains

Step 2

Using two curved lines draw out the inner edges of the curtains themselves.

curtains for drawing room

Step 3

Now draw out the remaining parts of the curtains and bondages on the curtains.

draw the curtains

Step 4

Now draw out long and slightly curved folds on the curtains.

how to draw curtains

Step 5

And the last step where we erase all unnecessary guidelines from the curtains.

curtains drawing

We think that the lesson on how to draw curtains was very easy. If it’s not, write about it in the comments section below this article.

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