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How to Draw an Open Box

open box drawing

Hello dear readers and welcome to DrawingForAll. This is the lesson about how to draw an open box. By the way, we think it is one of the easiest drawing lessons on our site.

Step 1

At first sketch out the core of the box. You can use a ruler or make this drawing using just a pencil and your one skills. Try to make the drawing symmetrical.

how to draw a box

Step 2

In this step you can also use ruler, but of course it would be better to make this step without it. Remains only one step.

how to draw an open box

Step 3

In this step we just need to erase all the guidelines. If you did it right then you will get such a beautiful box.open box drawing

Step 4

And the last step where we add shadows using long hatches. This is it, the lesson about how to draw a closed box is over.

open box drawing

This tutorial was very easy, probably too easy for most of you. So if you want something harder you can visit tutorials about a Ferrari, leopard, bear and many others. Also find us in social media, we have a lot of interesting there.

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