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How to Draw an Ophiotaurus

How to draw a Ophiotaurus

In the myths of ancient Greece there are a lot of characters that consist of two different creatures. There are very famous, such as the centaur and the minotaur, but there are also not very famous such as ophiotaurus – a creature with a front part of a bull and a back part of a snake.


Step 1

The lesson on how to draw an ophiotaurus we begin with the fact that we sketch its skeleton. Sketch the head and torso of the creature in the form of ovals, neck, tail and legs in the form of simple lines.

How to draw an Ophiotaurus

Step 2

we draw a horn and an ear. Add the volume to the neck, torso and long curling tail. At the end of the step, add the volume to the hooves.

How to draw a Ophiotaurus step by step

Step 3

With the help of clear and dark lines draw out the outlines of the bull head. Draw the eye, mouth and add a couple of lines of the jaw muscles.

How to draw a creature from myths

Step 4

Draw out the outlines of the neck, torso and hooves. Draw all the muscle lines as in our example. In order to make the contours of the body more “shaggy” use short strokes.

How to sketch a Ophiotaurus

Step 5

We pass to the tail of the ophiotaurus by drawing it with the help of long and clear lines. Draw the tip of the tail as shown in our example.

How to draw a Ophiotaurus

Step 6

Our drawing of the creature would not be complete without shadows. So we draw a few shadows using hatching of different intensity.

How to draw a Ophiotaurus

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