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How to Draw a Cucumber

Cucumber drawing

We believe that all artists should be able to draw plants, and therefore we today the team of Drawingforall.net prepared a lesson on how to draw a cucumber – probably one of the most famous vegetables in the world. A cucumber is actually not a very complex subject for drawing, because there are not so many complex parts and details in it. But as we said in one of the previous guides, even such a simple dish like scrambled eggs will be cooked differently, depending on whether the cook cooked, or a person who is not versed in cooking. And therefore we want you to be able to draw cucumbers and other simple objects as cool as a cook cooks the most simple dishes.


Step 1

To properly draw a cucumber, you need to sketch its outlines. In the first stage, we draw an elongated and slightly curved oval. Cucumbers, like many other vegetables, come in all kinds. You could see how long and smooth cucumbers (Armenian cucumbers), small and bumpy (Kirby cucumbers) or even yellow and round, called lemon cucumbers.

How to draw a cucumber easy

Step 2

As you could see, we decided to show how to draw a cucumber in its most classic and recognizable appearance, and so in the second step we will sketch all the necessary bumps and irregularities. To begin with, sketch three longitudinal lines beginning at the edge of the cucumber, then draw a large number of small bumps on the surface of the vegetable.

How to draw a cucumber plant

Step 3

The cucumber drawing is almost complete, and to make your drawn vegetable more voluminous and three-dimensional, we will add some shadows. To begin with, draw hatching at the bottom of the cucumber, leaving a light area of the reflex at the very edge. Then draw the cast shadow so that your cucumber drawing doesn’t look flying in the air.

How to draw a cucumber

So, in this simple three-step drawing lesson, we showed how to draw a cucumber easy and quick. We really hope that you have not encountered difficulties in the process of drawing the plant, and now you can add this vegetable to your still life, along with a rose and apple. And if you want to become a true professional in drawing still lifes, go to our category called “Food”.

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