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How to Draw a Shuttle

Shuttle drawing

Recently, we draw a lot of different types of vehicles, from cars to airplanes. But our readers very often asked us to show how to draw other types of vehicles, including space vehicles. And so today we decided to show you how to draw a shuttle.


Step 1

This drawing lesson will be pretty simple, and we will start with the most basic details. So, first of all, we sketch out the outlines of the body of the shuttle, which resembles a bullet. By tradition, the first steps should be performed using very light lines.

Shuttle drawing tutorial

Step 2

In order to make our drawing more like a shuttle, we outline the most basic details of the body. First, we sketch out the outlines of the windows. Next, draw the outline of the wings and tail of our space shuttle.

How to draw a shuttle step by step

Step 3

Starting from this step, we must be more careful, as we will be engaged in the final drawing of the shuttle parts. Here we carefully draw out the outlines of the body and windows, using clear and dark lines.

How to draw a space shuttle

Step 4

In the previous step we drew the front part of the shuttle, in this step we will draw the back part. Also, with the help of clear and dark lines, let’s carefully draw the outlines of the tail, and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the back of the shuttle drawing.

Learn how to draw a shuttle step by step

Step 5

This will probably be the easiest step of the tutorial on how to draw a shuttle step by step. Here, using clear and dark lines, carefully draw the wings of the shuttle. At the end of the step, delete all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing and proceed to drawing the shadows.

Shuttle drawing tutorial

Step 6

Let’s now make our drawing of the shuttle more voluminous and three-dimensional. First we determine the light source, then add shadows in those areas of the shuttle where the light does not fall.

How to draw a shuttle

We love space very much and everything related to space. We have already drawn an astronaut and a variety of characters from movies and books related to space theme. Feel free to suggest ideas for future drawing lessons in the comments to this article or in our pages in social networks.

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