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How to Draw an Eye from the Side

Today we will tell you about how to draw an eye from the side. This is one of the basic eye drawing tutorials. We have created quite a lot of such guides, but it is always useful to practice drawing eyes.

By the way, we have a separate guide on the basic anatomy of the eyes. Try to read this before you start a new lesson. This will help you to understand much better what exactly you are drawing.

Step 1

Firstly, draw the outer side of the eyeball. The outermost part of the eye is called the cornea. Let’s draw this with a smooth curved line like in our sample.

Step 2

Secondly, add the contours of the eyelids. It looks like a sharp corner with a slight rounding. In general, it should look like a regular triangle.

Step 3

Thirdly, add the contours of the mucous membranes. On the upper eyelid, it looks like something like an inverted Nike logo. On the lower eyelid, it’s just two parallel lines.

Step 4

Draw more voluminous contours of the eyelids. Add smooth lines that continue the lines from the previous step.

Step 5

Add the outlines of the pupil. It looks like two disks of different sizes. The location of the pupil always determines the direction of gathe ze.

Step 6

So, we continue to tell you a lesson on how to draw an eye from the side. Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Check the correctness of all shapes and proportions. From the next step we will add smaller details.

Step 7

Draw the contours of the eyelashes. These are long smooth lines that are located obliquely and have bends. At the top you can see more intense lines.

Step 8

So, this is almost the end of our drawing tutorial. Don’t forget about the rule we often mention. The more hatching layers, the darker the desired area will look. Paint over the pupil and apply small shadows using this technique.

Step 9

And this is really the last step. Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Delete a small section of hatching to form a rounded highlight.

We hope this tutorial was really helpful for you. Do not forget to write a comment about how well you were able to draw this interesting illustration.


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