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How to Draw an Exercise Book

Exercise book drawing

In previous lessons we showed how to draw a book and how to draw a closed book. These were very simple but very useful lessons, and many of our readers who mastered these lessons wanted to see a lesson on how to draw an exercise book, and as you can see, this lesson is ready.


Step 1

An exercise book is a fairly simple subject, which means that the first step of the lesson about this subject will also be very simple. So, we just need to outline the usual rectangle.

How to draw an exercise book

Step 2

In order to give the rectangle the appearance of an exercise book, we outline one more line at the bottom. On the left side draw two clips and in the center of the rectangle sketch three identical lines.

How to draw a notebook

Step 3

This simple lesson about the exercise book is almost over, but we still have one more, very important action. With the help of hatching, we draw shadows on the bottom of the exercise book and sketch the cast shadow.

How to draw an exercise book

We love to draw complex objects with a large number of details, such as cars and weapons, but our readers are often asked to create simpler lessons, such as this one. So regardless of whether you like challenging or simple lessons, you will find a tutorial to your taste on drawingforall.net.

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