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How to Draw an Electric Kettle

How to draw an electric kettle

As we said earlier, any artist should be able to draw simple things that we can see around us every day. For such items, we have several categories, for example, sections called still life and electronics. In these categories, we have published fairly simple lessons that will be useful for a novice artist who wants to improve his drawing skills, as well as for an experienced artist who wants to learn how to draw a certain item. One of these items is the electric kettle which we will draw in the drawing lessons that you are currently reading. For the greatest simplicity, we have divided this lesson on how to draw an electric kettle in several very easy steps, and tried to come up with the most capacious but at the same time not too voluminous description.


Step 1

All the objects that we draw begin with very simple geometric shapes, and the electric kettle drawing begins with the most simple geometric shape. So, in the first step, we need to draw such an elongated semi-oval.

How to sketch an electric kettle

Step 2

Now a little more complicated step, in which we will add the most important and noticeable details to our drawing of the  kettle. Sketch out the kettle’s outlet, lid and handle. Draw the base under the kettle, from which our kettle will be powered.

How to draw an electric kettle easy

Step 3

Now quite painstaking step our electric kettle drawing tutorial, in which we need more diligence. Gently circle all the lines, making them darker and cleaner, simultaneously removing unnecessary guidelines. Add a button and a small on/off light.

Electric kettle drawing tutorial

Step 4

Our electric kettle drawing is almost complete, and we just have to add a little volume to it, and make it not look flat. To do this, you need to draw the shadows using hatching in areas that are shaded in our drawing.

How to draw an electric kettle

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