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How to Draw a Lich

lich drawing

Hello dear artists and fans of fantasy. We drew a lot of different monsters and characters from different fantasy universes. Today we decided to continue this theme and made a lesson on how to draw a lich.

Step 1

So, let’s start with the skeleton of our Lich. First of all sketch out the head in the form of an oval. Next, outline the spine, chest and pelvis. At the end of the step draw the arms and legs. The first step should always be drawn using very light lines. Despite the fact that today’s character is not quite human, we will use the principles of drawing an ordinary man.

how to draw a lich step by step

Step 2

Draw lines of symmetry on the head that intersect at the center of the face. Next, outline the torso, which slightly tapers closer to the waist. Draw arms with simple geometric figures. Sketch out a high collar behind the head. In the lower part of the picture draw the a leg and a long cloak covering the second leg.

how to draw a lich

Step 3

We usually start adding details from the head. And the lesson about how to draw a lich is no exception. Using the horizontal line from the previous step draw evil eyes. A little below draw nostrils and a huge skeletal mouth dotted with teeth.

how to sketch a lich

Step 4

Continue to work with the details at the top of the drawing. Draw the crown at the head of our lich. On the sides of the head draw hanging and torn pieces of tissue. At the end of the step carefully draw out the high collar.

how to draw a lich from dungeons and dragons

Step 5

And now let’s move to the torso of the lich. Removing all unnecessary lines draw out the details of clothing on the torso. By the way, we drew a quite unusual clothes, but you can dress your lich in any outfit.

how to draw a lich easy

Step 6

Now let’s turn to the arms of our lich. Using clear and smooth lines draw out the thin and bony arms of our undead. Draw long and bony fingers at the hands, bandages on the wrists and add some folds to the clothing.

how to draw a lich step by step

Step 7

Now let’s move on to the bottom of our drawing. Draw the bony leg of our monster. Draw out all folds and bandages as shown by our drawing (or draw your own style of dressing, as we mentioned above).

how to draw a lich from fantasy

Step 8

Draw the long lower part of the clothes that closes the second leg. Add folds and holes to the fabric. In the same way draw a ragged cape that is visible behind the back of the lich.

how to draw a lich

Step 9

Now let’s make our drawing more realistic and alive (no matter how paradoxical it may sound for the lesson about a lich). As always we recommend you to use hatching for drawing shadows. Put them at the less lit parts of the drawing. But of course this is not the only way to draw shadows.For example you can use a comic style of drawing shadows, as for example as in a lesson about Robin.

lich drawing

Is your lich drawing the same creepy as ours? Send your works to us on social networks and share our lessons with your friends.

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