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How to Draw an Air Conditioner

How to draw an air conditioner

Today we will draw one of the most beautiful inventions in the history of mankind. In fact, without this thing, we would not be able to work in the summer. Only people who live in hot countries understand how important air conditioning is.

So, we are starting a lesson on how to draw air conditioner!


Step 1

First draw the contours of the trapezoid. You can use a different geometric shape if you have a different perspective.

How to draw a conditioner


Step 2

Let’s draw a lateral end of our conditioner. To do this you should draw a vertical line on the right side of the trapezoid from the previous step.

How to draw electronics


Step 3

Draw two straight horizontal lines on the front end of the air conditioner. Note that these lines should not be parallel to the lines from the first step.

How to draw an air conditioner step by step


Step 4

We have a simple rectangular box. Now let’s make a circuit that looks like an air conditioner corpus. Ideally, this should look like a rounded bottom like in our sample.

Air conditioner drawing tutorial


Step 5

Now we draw several straight horizontal lines on the front of our air conditioner. In our sample, you can see a lot of lines that are tightly and intensively. You can draw less lines. However, be sure that these lines are parallel to the contours from the third step.

How to draw an air conditioner

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw an air conditioner. The main difficulty of this lesson lies in the large number of straight lines. This is a great exercise for those who want to learn how to draw correct geometric shapes without using a ruler.

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