How to Draw a Yorkshire Terrier

How to draw a yorkshire terrier

Frankly, our team loves cats and big dogs more. But maybe you like nice little dogs more. And this drawing tutorial is exactly about such a dog. Let’s start the lesson on how to draw a Yorkshire Terrier.


Step 1

The first thing is to sketch out the head and torso in the form of ovals. By usual short lines draw the neck and legs.

How to draw a yorkshire terrier

Step 2

Sketch out a muzzle and ears. With the help of smooth lines draw the outline of the body (or rather say the hair) of Yorkshire Terrier.

Learn to draw a dog

Step 3

Now draw eyes, nose, mouth and bow, supporting the bang. Using light lines draw the outline of the hair.

How to draw a little dog

Step 4

The figure of the little dog is ready, now we need to work with the details. Draw the face and body and delete all unnecessary lines.

How to draw a yorkshire terrier step by step

Step 5

Draw the lines of hair straight and long, then Yorkshire’s fur will be more believable. As a result, you get such a nice dog.

How to draw a yorkshire terrier

Such small dogs are the result of selective breeding. Despite the fact that in the wild they would not have been able to survive, for the house or a small women’s handbag, this is what you need.

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