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How to Draw a Range Rover

8 how to draw a range rover

Welcome to DrawingForAll dear artists! In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a Range Rover. As you know the Range Rover is a full-size luxury all-wheel-drive off-road car, produced by the British company Land Rover. It is the flagship model of the company.


Step 1

First of all, we sketch out the body of our car, which visually consists of two parts – the top and bottom. Note that there are a lot of straight lines in the lesson about the Range Rover.

how to draw a range rover

Step 2

Now with the help of straight lines, we sketch out the headlights and grille in the front part. Next, we sketch out wheels, arches, and a rear-view mirror.

learn how to draw a range rover

Step 3

From this step, we will use clear and crisp lines. Using straight lines draw out the headlights and the radiator grille which is directly between the headlights.

range rover drawing tutorial

Step 4

Draw a hood with a straight line. Next, draw the bumper on which there is an additional radiator grille and fog lights.

how to draw a range rover

Step 5

Let’s move to the top of our Range Rover. There will also be a lot of straight lines, with which we draw the roof and windows of our SUV. In the same step draw out the mirror.

learn to draw a range rover

Step 6

Continuing the lines of the side windows draw the doors. Continuing the line of the roof draw the back of the car. Next, we draw the tail lamp and door handles.

how to draw range rover with a pencil

Step 7

Let’s move on to the wheels. But first of all, draw out wheel arches. Next, using very smooth lines draw out the wheels themselves, which should be very smooth and even.

range rover drawingStep 8

Here we are at the last step in which we just need to draw the rims. In our example, you can see rims with five beams, but you can choose any other shape. You can also add shadows.

8 how to draw a range rover

So, the drawing lesson about how to draw a Range Rover is over. If you like it, then do not forget to visit all our other drawing lessons about cars, we are sure that you will like them. We also have social networks that you can subscribe to.


  1. It was hard but I will try my best very soon . Well I gives up cause I never draw a car in my life so I came to this website it was fun thx for showing me instructions how to do thx from Ab.

  2. What about a lesson on how to draw the original 1970s/80s Range Rover Classic?

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