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How to Draw a Lemon

How to draw a lemon

We thought that you were tired of drawing lessons that were too complicated. Therefore, we created this drawing guide on how to draw a lemon. Although if you waited today for a lesson on some cool character from the comics, we hope you can make lemonade from this lemon.

Step 1

First, we have to draw a regular oval. It should be centered on a piece of paper. Do not try to make it perfectly symmetrical. By the way, try to practice drawing ovals, this is a very useful skill for any artist.

How to draw a lemon

Step 2

Now let’s make a lemon out of this oval. To do this we need to draw the tips. One tip is sharper, the other tip is obtuse and looks like a flat button. Your lemon should not seem too elongated.

How to draw a lemon easy

Step 3

So we continue the drawing lesson on how to draw a lemon. In this step we remove the guidelines from the first three steps. And here we also draw a small flat stalk on the obtuse tip.

How to draw an easy lemon

Step 4

The final step by tradition will devoted to drawing the shadows. And with the help of hatching, we draw the shadows at the bottom of this nice lemon. Next, draw the cast shadow on the ground.

Lemon drawing

We really tried not to be bored. This guide was part of our series of drawing tutorials about fruits and vegetables from our “Food” category. This lesson will be very useful to those who want to learn how to draw pictures in the style of still life. By the way, we also have a whole category with this name on our website, so do not forget to visit it. Also, do not forget about our pages on social networks, we are always waiting for you there. Please write your opinion in the comments if you could read this far and not fall asleep.

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