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How to Draw a Wyvern

how to draw a wyvern

Hello dear artists and welcome to the lesson on how to draw a wyvern! Wyvern on pictures can easily be confused with a dragon, but in fact it pretty different creatures. The main external difference is that the dragon has two pairs of paws and a pair of wings, while the wyvern has one pair of paws and a pair of wings combined with the front pair of paws.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head of our wyvern. Draw out the outlines of his skull, consisting of the top of the head and jaw.

how to draw a wyvern

Step 2

Sketch out its torso which smoothly passes into the very long tail with a sting at the very end.

how to draw a wyvern step by step

Step 3

With common lines indicate the wyvern wings. Note that wyvern should have a fairly long neck.

learn how to draw a wyvern

Step 4

In this step we draw legs with sharp claws that resemble the feet of a dinosaur or a large bird.

learn to draw a wyvern

Step 5

Detail the head of the wyvern. Draw a big mouth with a snake tongue, small eyes, horns and nostrils. As you can see the head of the wyvern is very similar to the dragon’s head.

draw a wyvern

Step 6

Draw out huge wings with claws on top and tendons going from top to bottom.

how to draw a wyvern step by step

Step 7

Draw the legs and the long tail of the wyvern. Accurately draw the claws on the paws and erase all the extra lines from the drawing.

wyvern drawing

Step 8

Add a few details such as strips on the chest of the wyvern that smoothly pass to the tail. In the same step we add shadows by simple hatching.

how to draw a wyvern

In this drawing lesson we showed you how to draw a wyvern. In addition to a small external difference, the wyverns have a few more differences from the dragons. Firstly, they do not have a fiery breath, rare wyverns possess poison. Secondly, unlike dragons they do not have the gift of speech. In the third, the wyverns have no desire to accumulate treasures – these crazy and wild predators pursue only one motive – murder for the sake of murder.

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