How to Draw a Washing Machine

learn How to Draw a Washing Machine

How to draw a washing machine step by step? Open this drawing tutorial and learn how.


Step 1

At first draw a volume rectangle as in our example. Be sure to consider the rules of prospects.

How to Draw a Washing Machine

Step 2

Now add a couple of pieces such as edging on the top and stripes on the front.

washing maching drawin

Step 3

Now add the controls on the top panel. Note that they may be different from what we have shown in our example.

step by step drawing tutorials

Step 4

Now, using two circles, draw a door of the washing machine. On the right side draw the handle.

learn how to draw

Step 5

With a few circles to draw the internal parts of the washing machine. Using short strokes draw the glare on the glass.

drawing tutorials

Step 6

Using a light shading add shadows to the side of the washing machine and inside.

learn How to Draw a Washing Machine

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