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How to Draw a Treasure Chest

how to draw a treasure chest

Today we present you a new drawing tutorial. It is quite simple, because we will learn how to draw a treasure chest.


Step 1

First draw a regular parallelogram – that is, a figure whose opposite sides are parallel. If you can, draw the lines without a ruler. To draw perfectly straight lines, use a ruler, but if you want to learn how to draw like a real artist, try to do without a ruler.

treasure chest step by step

Step 2

Now draw a second parallelogram of the same size relative to the first. Place it just as well as in our example, and you will get the 3D effect. Yes, we chose a rather unusual way of learning how to draw a treasure chest.

how to draw a pirate treasure chest

Step 3

Now depict a few new lines to connect these two parallelepipeds, which ultimately will create the effect of a transparent box. Your treasure chest drawing should look more like a transparent cube at this stage.

drawing lesson

Step 4

Continue the drawing instruction about how to draw a treasure chest. Depict the cover of the chest. The cover consists of parallelepiped and semi-oval.

drawing tutorial

Step 5

Erase the extra guidelines. Draw another semi-oval (smaller in size) on the other side of the cover. Circle the chest, using confident, crisp lines. Also, do not forget to sketch out the mountain of coins inside the chest.

pirate treasure chest

Step 6

Draw the outer edges of the chest, draw the lines of boards. In addition, in the same stage, draw metal clips at the corners of the chest and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

treasure chest drawing

Step 7

So, we got to the last step of the instruction on how to draw a treasure chest. Draw the ovals of coins. Draw the rounded nails. To give the final shape to the treasure chest, create a wood pattern, as in our illustration.

how to draw a treasure chest

How to draw a treasure chest? Now you know how to do it! Stay tuned, subscribe to our YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook pages, to most quickly learn about new lessons drawing on Drawingforall.net.


  1. This helped me so much! Thank you for doing this, it looks so pretty,thank you for our help this helps me through quarantine I want to learn more! – Ava

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