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How to Draw a Toaster

How to draw a toaster

We often receive messages about how to draw different cool characters of comics or books. We rarely receive requests about how to draw everyday objects. But our readers often asked us to show how to draw a toaster, and of course we gladly made such a simple drawing instruction. This object is very simple in its drawing, but to maximally simplify the process of learning how to draw a toaster, we divided everything into four simple and accessible stages. So, let’s dive into the world of drawing and learn to recreate on a piece of paper such a familiar object as a toaster.


Step 1

We’ll start the toaster drawing lesson with the most standard and simple cube. Perform this item in this stage using very light and rough lines.

How to draw a toaster for beginners

Step 2

Now round the top four corners of the toaster and depict two holes like it is sketched in our example. Next, mark the handle, toggle switch and the line at the bottom of the toaster.

How to draw a toaster easy

Step 3

Now let’s make our toaster drawing more volumetric and complete. For these purposes, we will use dark pencil (or ink) lines and trace everything, making the drawing clear and dark. In the same step, we will get rid of unnecessary guidelines created by us at the initial stages.

Toaster drawing turorial

Step 4

To make your artwork clear and beautiful, you will need to add shadows and highlights. They will help your toaster sketch look truly complete and solid. In addition, you can add some shadows or additional details, such as buttons, various twists and patterns.

How to draw a toaster

Here we came to the end of the instruction on how to draw a toaster. We tried very hard to make this guide not only useful, but also interesting. We also tried to make each step not only simple and accessible, but also proportional. After you have learned how to draw this interesting subject, proceed to our other categories to find new ideas for drawing.

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