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How to Draw a PSP

How to Draw a PSP

In this drawing tutorial we will tell you how to draw a PSP step by step. Many people say that this is a rather useless invention. Indeed, a portable gaming console will never compare with a powerful gaming computer. However, this is a pretty good option for those people who spend a lot of time outside the home.


Step 1

First we draw a regular parallelogram. You can draw another shape if you have a different perspective.

How to draw a PSP easy


Step 2

Now remove the sharp corners. We have recently said that Apple has taught the whole world to smooth corners. It was in the lesson on how to draw a smart watch.

So we draw rounded lines in place of sharp corners. This figure should look symmetrical.

How to draw a PSP step by step


Step 3

In this step, we will draw the contours of the screen and the lateral buttons. By the way, PSP has always been distinguished by a large and bright screen.

How to draw a Playstation Portable for beginners


Step 4

It’s time to draw the controls. If you find it difficult to draw a lot of detail at once, you should first outline two circles on different sides of the screen. Notice the distance above and below the controls. Try to copy it as accurately as possible.

How to draw a Playstation


Step 5

We continue the drawing lesson on how to draw a PlayStation Portable easily. In this step we will draw some small buttons in the bottom of the case. If you spent really a lot of time with this console, you can draw it without our illustration.

How to draw a Playstation


Step 6

Let’s draw shadows on the buttons of our portable game console. Do not forget about a small mesh on the stick. Draw two oblique lines on the screen.

How to Draw a PSP

It was a great job. It’s time to relax a bit and play some cool video game. We love real-time strategy, so gaming consoles are not a great option for us. What video games do you like? Write about it in the comments, we are waiting for your opinion!


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