How to Draw a Sniper Rifle

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how to draw a sniper rifle

Hello everyone! On DrawingForAll we have a lot of drawing tutorials about steel arms, for example lessons about a sword or battle axe. But today we decided that it’s time to start making lessons about firearms and made a lesson about how to draw a sniper rifle.


Step 1

At first sketch out a long stick, which later becomes the barrel of our sniper rifle.

how to draw a sniper rifle

Step 2

Continue drawing the sniper rifle. Now we draw out the forestock and bipod.

how to draw a sniper rifle step by step

Step 3

Now draw the telescopic sight at the top and outlines of the stock.

learn to draw a sniper rifle

Step 4

Draw the trigger safety, details of the sight and contours of the stock.

how to draw a rifle

Step 5

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the sniper rifle and add final details.

sniper rifle drawing

Step 6

To make the drawing of sniper rifle more realistic add shadows using hatching.

how to draw a sniper rifle

It was a lesson about how to draw a sniper rifle step by step. Do you like technology and all sorts of weapons? Then visit our sections “Weapons” and “Cars”, where you will find everything you want.

12 Responses

  1. JbAbuan

    The drawings on this site are good. I wish, someday, they will post a new gun drawing like “How to Draw a SVD-63 Sniper Rifle.”

  2. Boop

    I tried to draw one and the one I drew is ugly

  3. mongo

    This drawing tutorial is very good. Can you draw a bus?

  4. mongo

    Thank you so much. Make more drawing tutorials please

  5. kamryn

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it’s good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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