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How to Draw a Candlestick

candlestick drawing

Hello dear artists. In one of the previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw a candle, but we drew it without a candlestick. And today we decided to correct this misunderstanding and made a lesson about how to draw a candlestick.


Step 1

So, in order make our candlestick even, we draw a vertical line.

how to draw a candlestick

Step 2

Now, using very light and curved lines draw the outlines of the candlestick.

learn to draw a candlestick

Step 3

Draw slightly curved horizontal lines on our candlestick as in our example.

how to sketch a candlestick step by step

Step 4

Now using clear and dark lines carefully draw out the candlestick.

how to draw a candlestick

Step 5

Now let’s make our candlestick drawing more realistic adding shadows and glare using hatching.

candlestick drawing

Now very few people use candles for their main purpose. In our time they are rather an object of interior. If you want to learn how to draw other interior items, visit our sections entitled “Still Life” and “Misc”.

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