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How to Draw a Scooter

how to draw a scooter

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a scooter. This is a really popular vehicle in various countries of the world. Scooters appeared relatively recently and very quickly gained immense popularity.A lot of people prefer scooters to get to work or school. All the more strange that we have not drawn this beautiful thing before, isn’t it? But today we will fix this problem.

We decided to draw a fairly simple scooter. However, there is a slight complication here – the angle. Because of this, some proportions in the steps will seem rather strange to you. However, in the end, you will get a great drawing.


Step 1

First, draw four straight lines that form an angle like in our sample. The horizontal lines are slightly further apart than the vertical ones. And that’s a pretty important thing for the whole scooter drawing.

how to draw a scooter step by step


Step 2

Secondly, draw the outlines of the steering wheel. It looks like a small horizontal cylinder at the top of our drawing. Try to draw these steps without the aid of a ruler to practice your drawing skills.

easy way to draw a scooter


Step 3

Thirdly, draw the side contours of the deck. These are two lines with a smooth bend, which are connected to the horizontal line farthest from us with only one point.


learn how to draw a scooter

Step 4

Connect the steering wheel and deck with two oblique lines. This detail should not be too wide and large, as you can see.

drawing scooter easy

Step 5

Add wheels. Due to the peculiarities of the angle, the wheels look like ovals. Inside each wheel, draw another small oval like in our sample.

learn how to draw a scooter easy

Step 6

Depict the wheel fenders of our scooter. The rear fender is longer than the front fender and covers more of the wheel.

learn how to draw a scooter step by step

Step 7

And one more small detail. In this step, add small mounts for the wheels. Also don’t forget the small ovals in the center of each wheel.

learn how to draw a scooter for kids

Step 8

Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Evaluate the entire scooter, and check the proportions and shapes of each part.

learn how to draw a scooter for kids easy

Step 9

So, add small shadows to certain parts of the scooter. It looks like one or two layers of hatching. You can make more contrasting shadows with a second layer of hatching. Don’t forget the shadow on the ground.

how to draw a scooter easy

Step 10

As a result, your drawing looks something like our sample. If you see too much difference, try to find the step with a mistake and fix it.

how to draw a scooter

We hope you get great results. We will continue to create new drawing lessons and expect feedback from you in the form of comments. It helps us a lot!

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