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How to Draw a Dragonfly

How to draw a dragonfly

The category about animals is one of the most extensive on our site, and drawing lessons there appear regularly. Our readers very often ask us to draw this or that animal, and under a lot of our drawing lessons many of you asked us to show how to draw a dragonfly. So, the lesson is ready, and you just have to start the process of drawing.


Step 1

So, the most complex things begin with the simplest, and the dragonfly drawing lesson is no exception. In the first step, we will outline the head, torso and long tail with the help of very simple geometric shapes.

How to draw a dragonfly

Step 2

The previous step was very simple, and this step will be even easier. Here we will just need to outline the legs and large wings behind the back of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly drawing lessons

Step 3

So, the main outlines and details of the dragonfly are done, and starting from this step we will be engaged in the final drawing of the details. We start with the head, carefully drawing huge eyes and outlines of the head.

Learn how to draw a dragonfly

Step 4

This step seems too complicated, but in reality it is not. Here we just need to circle the body of the dragonfly, having drawn all the details, as shown in our example. Do not forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly drawing tutorial

Step 5

This is the final stage of the lesson on how to draw a dragonfly, and here we will draw shadows. But first, with the help of long and smooth lines, we carefully draw patterns on the wings. Next, using hatching draw shadows, as shown in our example.

How to draw a dragonfly

We very much hope that this lesson has helped you learn how to draw a dragonfly. We tried very hard to make this lesson the most simple and understandable, so that any artist could cope with it. And we hope that you will write your wishes about future drawing lessons below this article, because your opinion is very important to us.


  1. Thank you! It helped me so much! Very easy. Kind of fumbled on the 4th step. I would like to have a tutorial to draw Anna and Elsa for my kids. And, I love you!

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