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How to Draw a BMW X6

How to draw a BMW X6

We love German cars very much, because they are very high quality, stylish and durable. And the biggest competitors among German cars are BMW and Mercedes. On our site there is a huge amount of drawing lessons about Mercedes, but not so many lessons about BMW, and we want to equalize their number, so we created a lesson about how to draw a BMW X6.


Step 1

BMW X6 is a crossover, and crossovers have a square enough body. Therefore, first we sketch out the outlines of a sufficiently tall and square body with very light lines. In this step we just need to sketch the general outlines of the body, so do not press too hard on the pencil.

How to draw a BMW X6

Step 2

In this step we will continue to use very light, almost transparent lines. With the help of such lines, we sketch out the outlines of the headlights, the bumper and the famous grille in the front of the body. On the lateral part we sketch the outlines of the mirrors, large wheels and wheel arches.

How to draw a BMW

Step 3

In the previous two steps we drew the most basic outlines of the body, from this step we will use very dark and clear lines. Using such lines, carefully draw out the contours of large headlights, the double grille and a logo in the front center of the hood.

How to draw a bmw latest models

Step 4

We continue to draw details on the front of our BMW X6. Here we will need to draw all the numerous bumper lines, air intakes and fog lamps on the bumper. In the same step, carefully draw out the outlines of the hood with the help of long and smooth lines.

bmw racing

Step 5

Now let’s proceed to the top of our BMW X6. With the help of long and smooth lines, carefully draw out the outlines of the sloping roof of our crossover. Next, draw the front and side windows. In the same step, we need to draw a rear-view mirrors.

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Step 6

Continuing the line of the roof, form the back of the car and the taillight. Then continue the lines of windows and draw out the doors. Next draw handles on the doors and longitudinal lines on the side of the body. In the same step draw out the bottom line and remove any unnecessary guidelines on our BMW X6 body.

BMW X6 sketching

Step 7

With the help of smooth lines draw out the contours of the wheels and wheel arches. Note that this step is one of the most difficult in this lesson, since the wheels should be very smooth and rounded. If you did it, and your wheels look like wheels in our example, then go to the next step.

BMW X6 drawing tutorial

Step 8

This step will also be quite complex. Here we will need to draw out the wheel rims. First, draw the central part of the rims, then start drawing lines going from the center to the edges. By the way, you can draw rims either as in our example, or come up with any other design of the rims.

BMW X6 drawing

Step 9

And the last step of our drawing lesson about how to draw a BMW X6 where we will draw shadows. First of all, draw the glare on the windows and body with the help of light and straight strokes. Next, draw shadows using hatching of varying intensity, as in our example.

How to draw a BMW X6

This was another lesson from the “Cars” category in which we showed how to draw a BMW X6. In the future, we plan to create a very large number of different drawing lessons about the most different cars. So visit our site as often as possible in order not to miss new lessons about BMW, Mercedes and other cars.

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