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How to Draw a Scorpion

how to draw a scorpion


Today we offer you a new drawing lesson, in which we will draw an interesting and unusual creature – a scorpion. Our today’s guest belongs to the class of arachnids, and he has a very bad reputation – little biting creature with a deadly sting. Indeed, it is not necessary to be a huge dragon to be deadly, even a small insect can easily dispatch to the next world. So, let’s start the lesson and learn how to draw a scorpion.


Step 1

At first draw a circle as a guide for the head of the scorpion.

how to draw a scorpion step by step

Step 2

Now using a long curved line draw the spine, that goes to the tail. Sketch out the sting on the tip of the tail.

how to draw a scorpion with a pencil

Step 3

Sketch out the guidelines for the limbs of the scorpion.

drawing lessons

Step 4

Outline the powerful pincers of the scorpion. Please note, that one pincer looks bigger than another, because it is closer.

learning to draw

Step 5

Cover the body of the scorpion using consisting of rectangular elastic plates as in our example.

how to draw scorpion

Step 6

Add volume to the limbs of the scorpion as in the example below.

how to to learn to draw

Step 7

The general shapes are ready. Erase the guidelines from the head and circle the lines, to create head plate and fangs.

scorpion how to draw

Step 8

Erase the guidelines from the pincers. Circle the lines of the pincers, to make them smooth and clean.

how to draw a scorpion

Step 9

Erase the guidelines body and tail, and as in the previous steps, make the lines smooth and clean.

how to draw scorpions

Step 10

Thus, we have reached the last step in a lesson about how to draw a scorpion, in which we need to erase the guidelines from the limbs, and circle the lines.

how to draw a scorpion

We hope that the team of Drawingforall.net helped you to learn how to draw a scorpion.


  1. The pictures are the height of my computer! PLEASE scale them WAY down!

  2. Great tutorial, I don’t draw that well but this came out looking like a scorpion. Thank you!

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