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How to Draw a Samsung Galaxy A8

How to draw a Samsung Galaxy a8

Probably the best smartphones on the android are Google Pixel (Google’s own development) and Samsung Galaxy. We already drew a Google Pixel and it’s time to make a lesson on how to draw a Samsung Galaxy A8.


Step 1

As in all our other lessons, we’ll start with a rectangle, drawing it with straight and clear lines.

how to draw a samsung galaxy a8

Step 2

Now we need to round off the corners of the smartphone, as shown in the example below.

How to draw a mobile phone

Step 3

Now let’s take an eraser and remove all four sharp corners, leaving only round corners.

How to draw a Samsung phone

Step 4

Now draw the edges and screen of the smartphone. Note that the screen also has rounded edges.

How to sketch a Samsung Galaxy a8

Step 5

Above the screen we draw the speakers, sensors and camera. In the side of Samsung Galaxy draw buttons.

Samsung Galaxy a8 drawing tutorial

Step 6

The last step is in which we will need to draw shadows in order to make the drawing the most voluminous and beautiful.

How to draw a Samsung Galaxy a8

We are waiting for comments on the lesson about how to draw a Samsung Galaxy A8 in the comments here or in our social networks. By the way, you probably already noticed that all modern smartphones are drawn approximately by one algorithm, so you can be sure that the tips from this lesson will help you to draw any other smartphone. But if this lesson is difficult for you, but you still want to learn how to draw a smartphone, then visit the lesson on how to draw a smartphone for beginners.

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