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How to Draw a Globe

How to draw a globe

In ancient times (and some people in our time) people believed that the Earth is flat and generally holds on whales, elephants and turtles. But these times are far behind, and now we all know that the Earth is round, and to study this very planet, we use such a thing as a globe. So, let’s process of learning and learn how to draw a globe.


Step 1

The first step is both complex and simple – we will need to draw a circle. The difficulty is that the circle must be perfectly flat, of course.

How to draw a globe

Step 2

Now draw the globe holder and the base at the bottom. All these details must also be drawn perfectly smooth.

How to sketch a globe

Step 3

Now, using a smooth curved line, draw the equator. And of course an extremely important detail – the outlines of the continents. It is very important here not to be mistaken in the correctness of their contours and in the arrangement.

Learn to draw a globe step by step

Step 4

Now we need to accurately draw out the holder and the base of the globe. And do not forget that you need to erase all the guidelines.

How to draw a globe step by step

Step 5

Now it’s a very difficult step – we will need to draw shadows. Try to make shadows like our artists did. By the way, the shadows on the globe itself should be applied like on a normal ball.

How to draw a globe

Note that the lesson on how to draw a globe can be used if you want to learn how to draw a planet Earth (with the only difference that when drawing the Earth, we certainly will not draw a holder).

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