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How to Draw a Router

How to draw a Router

We love to draw those things without which our work is impossible. The DFA team is not just a few people. It is also technical devices that help us from the first day of our work. One of these devices is a router. That is why we created a drawing tutorial on how to draw a router step by step.



Step 1

First we draw a regular rectangular parallelepiped. It is much easier to draw than to pronounce, isn’t it? It will be especially cool if you draw the contours of the router case without the help of a ruler or other auxiliary tools for drawing straight lines.

How to draw a Router easy


Step 2

There are many different forms and options for the appearance of the router. However, we decided to draw a regular router that is familiar to each of us. As a rule, such a router looks like a small box with two antennas and a few burning buttons. Let’s draw these antennas and buttons in this step.

How to draw an internet Router


Step 3

Did you think that there would be ten more huge stages? You probably confused this lesson with an article about how to draw a Roman warrior. Now we just need to work a bit with the shadows. Shadows are especially important in drawing device lessons because it is after working with shadows that the subject begins to look realistic.

So with the help of an ordinary hatching, we draw the shadows in the places indicated in the example drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a Router

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