How to Draw a Dinosaur Step by Step

How to draw a dinosaur step by step

The times when dinosaurs ruled the world have long ago passed, but they still live in movies, books and video games. And today we decided to make a lesson on how to draw a dinosaur. Despite the fact that dinosaurs had many different types (and we will certainly draw the most popular ones), the principles of their drawing are approximately the same.


Step 1

First, we will depict here such a construction: an elongated head, a short torso of two circles, a long line combining the neck, spine and tail. And of course, long legs and short arms.

How to draw a dinosaur

Step 2

Sketch out a large mouth and a small eye. Draw the voluminous neck that goes into the torso and then goes into the tail. At the end of the step, sketch out legs and small arms.

Learn to draw a dinosaur step by step

Step 3

Here we will work with the details of dinosaur, using clear and dark lines. Draw the mouth, dotted with sharp teeth, sinister eyes and outlines of the head.

How to sketch a dinosaur

Step 4

Draw the outlines of the body of the dinosaur, using clear and dark lines. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the picture.

dinosaur drawing

Step 5

When the contours of the dinosaur drawing are ready, you can start gently shading it. Adding shadows to the least lit areas, we get a more voluminous dinosaur.

How to draw a dinosaur step by step

The lesson on how to draw a dinosaur is applicable for drawing a very large species of dinosaurs, for example a tyrannosaur, abelisaur, eoraptor and many others. So, a couple of useful tips by our artists. Shadows need to be added with the help of dense hatching, if you want to make the shadows darker, add another layer of hatching. At the first steps, draw the lines with a very light pencil lines.

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