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How to Draw a Pterodactylus

how to draw a Pterodactylus

Hello dear artists and welcome to DrawingForAll. As you already guess today we will show you how to draw a pterodactylus step by step. As you probably know, this is a extinct reptile from a genus pterosaurs, who lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


Step 1

So, let’s first outline the skeleton of our flying lizard. Sketch out the head in a shape of a circle, then the torso in a shape of a circle. Draw the neck and with with the help of simple lines.

how to draw a Pterodactylus

Step 2

Now let’s deal with the volume. First of all sketch out the long and sharp beak of the pterodactyl. Then thicken the neck and legs. With the help of simple and light lines draw the rest of the wings.

how to draw a dinosaur

Step 3

Let’s take care of the details. And we will start as usual with the head. Erasing all the extra lines draw the long beak and no less long comb on the back of the head. Draw out the small eyes and tongue.

how to draw a pterosaurs

Step 4

Using long and slightly curved lines draw the wings. Draw small claws on the wings. Also do not forget to erase all unnecessary lines from the wings.

how to draw a Pterodactylus step by step

Step 5

We almost finished the drawing lesson about how to draw a pterodactylus. Draw out the torso of an extinct animal and paws with a tail. At the end of the step erase all the remaining additional lines.

Pterodactylus drawing

Step 6

In order to add shadows we need to use hatching. At first draw the outlines of the shadows using very light lines and then draw the shadows themselves by using the above-mentioned hatching.

how to draw a Pterodactylus

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