How to Draw a Crane Bird

How to draw a crane bird

Crane is a very famous bird, and in different cultures there are many myths and legends about it. So let’s learn how to draw a crane – this beautiful and graceful bird.

Step 1

Two ovals – the head and torso are connected with a slightly curved line of the neck.

How to draw a crane

Step 2

Draw a beak, tail and long legs. With a wide semicircle we sketch out the wings of the crane.

How to sketch a crane bird

Step 3

Draw an eye, thicken the neck and legs. Using short lines draw feathers on the wings of the crane.

Learn how to draw a crane step by step

Step 4

Erase all excess and unnecessary. Carefully draw out the drawing by clear and dark lines. Pay special attention to the details of the feathers.

Crane drawing

Step 5

After all the necessary corrections have been made, you can apply the shadow on the crane drawing by hatching.

How to draw a crane bird

The lesson about how to draw a crane was obviously not very complicated, as by tradition it is divided into several very simple steps, consisting of extremely simple lines and geometric figures. But if you faced any difficulties when drawing a crane, let us know about it.

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