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How to Draw a Peppermint

How to draw a peppermint

In today’s drawing lesson, we will tell you how to draw a peppermint. Every man who has brushed his teeth at least once in his life knows the smell and taste of peppermint.

In fact, our readers very often asked us to show how to draw a mint. For us, this is a whole challenge, since it is a fairly simple subject, and we want to show it in the most understandable way, but at the same time so that it does not look like that old meme with a two-step drawing lesson about an owl.


Step 1

First, we outline the basic contours of the leaves. You can depict more or less leaves. Leaves smaller should be placed in front. The contours of the leaves should be elongated and pointed. You can start drawing from the front leaves so as not to get confused.

How to draw a peppermint


Step 2

Now let’s try to draw straight lines inside the contours of the leaves. It will be streaks that you could see on the leaves of many plants. First draw one long vertical line in the middle of each leaf. From this line draw several parallel short oblique lines.

How to draw a peppermint step by step


Step 3

It will be a very simple step, but it will require your attention. We need to work with the contours of the leaves so that they become jagged. Note that the sharp edges on the small leaves are much more often and much more intense.

How to draw a peppermint plant


Step 4

Now we just have to add light shadows to the peppermint drawing. In our case, it looks like a light wide shading. If you put peppermint leaves differently, you can draw shadows in other locations. You can make darker shadows if your shading is more dense and intense.

Peppermint drawing

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw a peppermint. It was not very difficult, was it? Pay special attention to the shape of the leaves on the mint drawing because it is one of the hallmarks of peppermint. Unfortunately, we do not know how to draw smells. But as soon as we are able to, we will definitely make a drawing lesson.

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