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How to Draw Chibi Yuno Gasai

How to draw a chibi anime girl

We have too few chibi characters, right? We are sure that they are not enough. We like to draw chibi because it very well trains the new ones of drawing cartoon characters that have non-standard proportions and expressive faces. Today we decided to create a lesson on how to draw chibi Yuno Gasai. She is a character from anime Future Diary.


Step 1

As in the other drawing classes of Chibi, we will now begin with the contours of the head and torso. Chibi always have a big round head and a small body. This lesson is no exception as you see. Head should be wider than body twice.

How to draw chibi Yuno Gasai


Step 2

Let’s draw hands and feet. The limbs should be proportionate to the body. But in general, the limbs are very small. The left hand should be bent at a right angle.

How to draw chibi Yuno Gasai easy


Step 3

Draw the main features of our Chibi Yuno Gasai. First we draw huge oval eyes. The height of the eyes is equal to the distance on the head that is covered by the hair. Smooth lines denote circles under the eyes and mouth. In the same step, draw the outline of a short dress.

How to draw Yuno Gasai for kids


Step 4

Add details. Starting from this step, we will draw only clear and realistic contours. Draw the oval pupils. Add eyebrow contours over hair. Yes, it is a bit strange, we also thought about it. After that, we erase the extra lines from the head of our Chibi Yuno Gasai.

How to draw chibi Yuno Gasai for beginners


Step 5

Let’s work with clothes of our Chibi Yuno Gasai. You can see three bows that are located on the pigtails and on the chest of our heroine. Draw it. After this, mark the folds on the skirt and the outlines of the jacket.

Chibi Yuno Gasai drawing tutorial


Step 6

Small patches of dense shadows are all we need to complete this guide on how to draw Chibi Yuno Gasai. Shadows should be placed at the base of the braids and on the area under the skirt.

How to draw a chibi anime girl

We really like to draw chibi characters. We really enjoy it. That’s why our site is constantly populated by these little men. Have we still not painted your favorite Chibi character? Be sure to write in commest about it.

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