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How to Draw a Parcel

how to draw a parcel

Hello everybody and welcome to DrawingForAll – the site where you can find any drawing tutorial. And in this article we will show how to draw a parcel step by step.

Step 1

Take your favorite pencil and sketch out the box as in the sample below. Try to draw the box without a runner.

how to draw a parcel

Step 2

Af front part draw out the folds using simple crossing lines. Note that the lines should not be too even.

learn to draw a parcel step by step

Step 3

Draw the thread that is tied around the parcel. In the middle of the box draw a bow.

parcel drawing

Step 4

And in the last step we add shadows as in all last steps of all our drawing lessons.

how to draw a parcel

It was very simple to draw this parcel. If you want to find something more complicated check out the lessons about a Ford Mustang or jellyfish. We want to do many new and interesting drawing lessons, but we need your support and you just need to subscribe to us and share our lessons with your friends.

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