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How to Draw a Jellyfish

how to draw a Jellyfish

Hello dear artists and welcome to the drawing class about how to draw a jellyfish. This is a strange enough creature that looks like jelly (hence the name). This will be a fairly simple drawing lesson at the end of which we will get a very cool drawing of a jellyfish.


Step 1

Draw a dome of jellyfish in the form of a ball. Then draw long tentacles with two lines.

how to draw a Jellyfish step by step

Step 2

Draw the lower edge of the dome from under which the tentacles emerge. Then draw some more lines to the tentacles themselves.

how to draw a Jellyfish step by step

Step 3

Erase all unnecessary guides and make the lines clear and beautiful. Add folds to make jellyfish more realistic.

Jellyfish drawing

Step 4

The last step is left in which we will add shadows using the usual hatching. You can also add some glare to the dome area.

how to draw a Jellyfish

The drawing lesson on how to draw a jellyfish step by step has come to an end. Do not forget that on our site there is a whole section about animals, where you will find a lot of cool drawing lessons.


  1. Esto fue fácil, rápido, agradable y efectivo
    This was easy,quick,pleasant and effective
    IT LOOKS GREAT ❤️😎❤️

  2. These are the best steps! There easy but simple. Even 8 year olds can draw this!

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