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How to Draw a Monster Truck

how to draw a monster truck

Hello dear artists. As you may have noticed, our site is full of cool drawing lessons about different cars, such as Mini Cooper, Bugatti or Chevy TruckThese cars are all pretty cool, but what about a real monstrous car? So dear artists, meet the lesson about how to draw a monster truck.


Step 1

We usually begin our lessons of drawing cars with the outlines of the body, and this monster truck is no exception. So take a pencil and sketch out the body with simple straight lines. Note that these lines should be very light.

how to draw a monster truck

Step 2

Now let’s draw at the distinguishing feature of the monster cars – giant monstrous wheels. Note that the wheels are fairly low compared to the body. And as in the previous step we use very light lines.

truck sketch

Step 3

Continue drawing our monster truck. At the top of the body sketch out the windows. At the front sketch out the headlights, radiator grille and bumper. At the side of the body draw the outlines of the wheel arches. Sketch out the suspension and outlines of the rims.

3 how to draw a monster truck

Step 4

Okay, the main outlines are ready and we proceed to details of our monster truck. At the front draw out the details of the headlights and radiator grille. Next draw out the bumper and hood of our car.

how to draw a truck

Step 5

Continue the lines of the hood and draw out the cabin of our monster car with windows. After that draw the rear of the car and wheel arches. Don’t forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the body of our chevy truck.

draw a how to draw a monster truck

Step 6

It is probably the hardest step of the tutorial about how to draw a monster truck. Here we need to very carefully draw out the large and round wheels. Next, draw the suspension in detail and move on to the next step.

learn to draw a monster truck step by step

Step 7

Here we also need to work with circles. Accurately draw out the classic rims. Here we drew fairly simple rims, but of course you can draw them any other shape.

monster truck drawing

Step 8

So we got to the last step of this monstrous drawing lesson. Here we add shadows to make our drawing lesson more realistic. We usually recommend draw shadows using hatching, and this lesson is no exception.

how to draw a monster truck

So, it was quite difficult, but we coped and we have a Monster Truck drawing that looks pretty realistic. We are working very hard to make our lessons really interesting and informative. And we will be very glad if you share this drawing lesson and subscribe to us in social networks, it will help us to evolve further and make new drawing lessons.

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