How to Draw a Cutting Board

How to draw a cutting board

The team of DrawingForAll loves to draw, and we are ready to show you how to draw anything. And most often we create lessons at the requests of our readers, such as this lesson on how to draw a cutting board.


Step 1

So let’s start drawing the cutting board. First, we sketch out the basic outlines that look like a rectangle at this step.

How to draw a cutting board

Step 2

Now we outline the handle of the cutting board. You can draw it either like in our example or any other shape.

Learn how to draw a cutting board step by step

Step 3

So that the board does not look too flat, we sketch the outlines of the lower edge. They must exactly repeat the shapes drawn earlier.

How to draw a cutting board easy

Step 4

Using an eraser remove all unnecessary guidelines from the cutting board, round off the corners and draw a small hole on the handle.

Cutting board drawing tutorial

Step 5

Let’s make our board even more voluminous. To do this, we simply apply some shadows and glare with the help of hatching.

Cutting board drawing tutorial

Looking at this lesson you might think that we just ran out of ideas for drawing lessons. But in reality this is not the case, we want to create drawing lessons about everything in the world, and we are rushing towards our goal.

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