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How to Draw a Light Switch

Light switch drawing

Tonight I wanted to do another drawing lesson about comic book characters. I went into my room with a cup of tea in my hand and got ready to start writing. When I pressed the switch and realized that it was not working, I was very upset and postponed an article about comics character. Now I have my switch replaced and therefore I decided to tell you about how to draw the switch. This is a really important thing.



Step 1

First we draw a regular parallelogram. Note this is not a rectangle. Try to draw it without a ruler.

How to draw a switch


Step 2

In this step we draw another parallelogram which is located inside the first parallelogram. We also draw a border on the right to make our drawing more voluminous.

How to draw an ac switch


Step 3

Now we will draw another border only on the second parallelogram.

How to draw a light switch step by step


Step 4

In this final step we put a light one-sided shading on the rim on the right side.

How to draw a light switch

This lesson is complete. In fact, it was just a straight line drawing practice. See you on the pages of our site!


  1. Thank you so much. It really helped my daughter with her poster.

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