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How to Draw a Lawn Mower

How to draw a lawn mower

How to draw a lawn mower? This super simple drawing tutorial from the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to do this with five elementary steps. In fact, in this world, there is an endless list of different types of lawn mowers, and we could not show how to draw each model of each brand. The main purpose of this lawn-mower drawing lesson is to show the basic principles of depicting this subject. As we have repeated many times, such simple drawing instructions are useful for both beginners and professionals who want to hone their skills in the field of visual arts.


Step 1

No matter how complex the subject is, we start drawing it from the simplest geometric shapes. And we will draw a lawnmower with the simplest thing – we outline a simple flat rectangle. This sketch is the base of our future lawn mower picture.

How to draw a lawn mower step by step

Step 2

In front of the rectangle depict small wheels. At the back of that geometric figure sketch big wheels. On the upper part of the sketch we depict the motor and the long characteristic handle with the help of three elementary lines.

How to draw a grass-cutter

Step 3

We continue to add details, there will not be very many of them in the third step, but all of them will be extremely important for your lawn mower to acquire a volume and recognizable features. Do not forget that the first stages should be performed using the most light, almost transparent lines.

How to draw a grass-cutter step by step

Step 4

The base sketch of the mower is ready, and in order to turn it into a final drawing, we need to improve the contours and lines of the object. Gently circle with clear and beautiful lines those details that you created on paper earlier. And with the help of an eraser make your drawing cleaner and neater.

Lawn mower drawing tutorial

Step 5

Shadows can be applied to the drawing in different ways. You can either use standard hatching or apply shadows with the help of feathering. In the first case, the shadows will be clearer and more technical, in the second case you will be able to achieve greater realism and softness of the picture. Anyway, the shadows will make your lawn mower drawing look more similar to what you saw in the backyard of your house.

How to draw a lawn mower

On Drawingforall.net you may have repeatedly met the idea that the artist should be able to draw all that his view will touch. And of course he should be able to draw a lawnmower too. In any complex drawings or paintings along with people, animals and buildings we see everyday objects, such as buckets, cup and objects that similar to what we draw in the lesson that you are reading now. To be able to draw complex and simple things you need to practice your drawing skills, and Drawingforall.net will help you in this work. Your subscription and repost of this article in turn will help us, so be sure to share our articles.

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