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How to Draw a Kitchen Knife

Kitchen knife drawing

Hello dear artists and lovers of interesting drawing lessons. On our site there is a category called “Weapons” in which there are a huge variety of different swords and daggers. Today we decided to make a lesson about the peaceful version of such items. So, it is the lesson about how to draw a kitchen knife.


Step 1

First of all we will need to draw the upper edge of the knife. To do this, draw a long line that curves down one side.

How to draw a kitchen knife

Step 2

Continue the line from the previous step and draw out the point and blade of our kitchen knife.

Learn how to draw a kitchen knife

Step 3

Now we draw out the knife handle. As you can see, we draw the most common shape of kitchen knives.

How to sketch a kitchen knife

Step 4

Draw out the line of the cutting edge on the blade. On the handle draw out three rivets.

How to draw a kitchen knife

Step 5

With the help of short diagonal lines draw glare. Next, using dense hatching draw shadows.

Kitchen knife drawing

It was a lesson on how to draw a kitchen knife. It seems to us that it was very simple. Did you have any difficulties in the drawing process? If so, then let us know about it in the comments below this article. By the way, if you paid attention, then we published this article in the section “Still Life”, since we wanted to separate this article from the theme of weapons, because nobody wants the kitchen knives to serve as a weapon.


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