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How to Draw Bodi from Rock Dog

how to draw bodi from rock dog

Hi dear readers of DrawingForAll.net. Today we have prepared for you a drawing lesson on how to draw Bodi from Rock Dog. Bodi is a dog, who must guard his village, but he dreams of becoming a rock star.


Step 1

First we draw the skeleton of our Rock Dog. The head in a shape of a circle and torso in a shape of an oval. Then draw the arms and legs using lines.

how to draw bodi from rock dog

Step 2

Now using simple geometric figures add volume to the body of Bodi.

bodi rock dog drawing lesson

Step 3

Draw the eyes and snout. Sketch out the tail and outlines of guitar in the hands of our hero.

how to draw rock dog

Step 4

Now we proceed to details. Draw pupils inside the eyes. Draw out the nose, teeth and tongue inside the mouth.

learn to draw rock dog bodi

Step 5

Draw the hair of our dog. Then draw out the hat and patterns on it.

bodi from rock dog drawing

Step 6

Draw out the details on the guitar such as strings. Draw out the arms and torso erasing the guidelines.

how to draw a cartoon dog

Step 7

Here we finish drawing Bodi from Rock Dog. Draw out the legs and tail. Add some details such as a wire of guitar.

how to draw bodi from rock dog

It was a pretty easy lesson. We hope we helped you to draw Bodi from Rock Dog.

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