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How to Draw a Nuppeppo

How to draw a Nuppeppo

In all myths and legends of different countries of the world there are different monsters and fantastic creatures. In many cultures these monsters look extremely strange and unusual, but in our opinion, the most unusual and strange mythical monsters are monsters from Japanese myths. And today we will draw one of these extremely strange Japanese monsters. So let’s find out how to draw a nuppeppo.


Step 1

First of all draw here such a vague figure as in our example.

How to draw Nuppeppo

Step 2

Now with the help of smooth lines draw outlines of details of the face.

Learn to draw a Nuppeppo

Step 3

Now, using the same smooth lines draw the outlines of arms and legs.

How to draw a monster from japan myths

Step 4

Now take an eraser and delete all unnecessary guidelines from our nuppeppo drawing.

How to draw a Nuppeppo

Step 5

The last step remains – here with the help of light hatching draw shadows.

How to draw a Nuppeppo

As you can see, this lesson was very simple. In order to learn how to draw other mythical creatures and characters, visit our category called “Myths and Legends” on our website. But if you suddenly did not find what you were looking for, be sure to let us know about it, and our artists will necessarily make a drawing lesson on your request.

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