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How to Draw a Hoverboard

how to draw a hoverboard

Hello everybody. Not so long ago we drew such a popular thing in our time as a quadcopter. Today we decided to continue the theme of modern gadgets and made a lesson then how to draw a hoverboard.


Step 1

First using very light lines draw the main outlines of the hoverboard as in our example.

how to draw a hoverboard

Step 2

Make the middle of the hoverboard narrower using two curved lines.

how to draw a self balansing board

Step 3

With the help of ovals sketch out the details on the wheels.

how to draw a hoverboard step by step

Step 4

Now let’s get down to the details. Using clear lines draw out the control board.

how to sketch a hoverboard

Step 5

Now also using clear and dark lines draw out the wheels.

hoverboard drawing

Step 6

Now let’s add some shadows and glare using hatching.

how to draw a hoverboard

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw a hoverboard step by step. Our site has everything you can draw. But maybe you did not find what you were looking for. If it is, then write about it in the comments below this article.


  1. Thank you so much for letting me how to draw a GoTrax HoverBoard from scetch to draw.

    It helped a lot.

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