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How to Draw an Artichoke

How to draw an artichoke

The most different, sometimes even strange drawing lessons fill Drawingforall.net. And as an addition to these lessons, we created this article about how to draw an artichoke. This is an interesting (and beloved by many) plant that adorns the tables in various countries of the world, and now it has appeared on the menu of Drawingforall.net.


Step 1

The artichoke is drawn very easily, and even elementary. In the very first step, everything is most simply performed. First, you need to depict the body of the artichoke that looks like an oval, or rather an egg. Next, outline the stem, which is drawn as super easy and simple as possible. Very light and smooth lines should be used in the first steps.

Artichoke drawing tutorial

Step 2

Now our sketch looks like some strange egg on a stalk, but now we need to make our sketch more similar to an artichoke. Here we need to outline the texture of the artichoke using a large number of very light and short lines. The lower petals should cover the upper petals.

How to draw an artichoke step by step

Step 3

The most painstaking stage of the instruction about how to draw an artichoke. Here we need to make our artichoke drawing clearer and darker. Circle all the petals first and add lines on the upper parts of the petals. Then circle the stem and erase any remaining unwanted lines.

How to draw an artichoke easy

Step 4

It is very important that your artichoke drawing is really voluminous. For this purpose, we will deal with the shadows. Using hatching, add shadows to all the lower parts of the petals and the lower part of the stem. To make the shadows darker, add an extra layer of hatching.

How to draw an artichoke

There are many genres in the visual arts, but one of the most ancient and famous is the style called still life. This style of drawing involves drawing food, various vessels and other objects that are most often placed next to each other on the table. We often create lessons for those who want to learn how to paint still lifes and generally improve their skills in drawing vegetables and other simple objects. And the lesson about drawing an artichoke is one of those.

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