How to Draw a Fairy Tail Character

how to draw an old halfling


Hello, dear artists! Today we have prepared for you a new drawing lesson for those, who love good old fairy tails. In the old tales, we often met interesting and strange characters such as goblins, hobbits, orcs and gnolls. And today, we will show you how to draw a fairy tail character.


Step 1

At first draw an oval, to create main shapes of the head. Sketch out the lines of the face. Using lines draw the lines of the “skeleton”. Note, that the head is slightly bigger than usually.

how to draw a fairy tale character


Step 2

Using ovals draw the eyes, draw the semi-closed eyelids and pupils. Using two short and thick lines draw the brows. Sketch out the ears and nightcap, as in our example.

how to draw a fairy tale character step by step


Step 3

At this step, we just need to outlines the contours of the robe. And don’t forget to draw the elongated shoes.

how to draw a character


Step 4

Using curved lines draw the nose and mouth. Sketch out the lines of the cheeks and add some wrinkles. Draw the lines of the robe and add some folds to the nightcap .

how to draw a hafling


Step 5

Erase the guidelines. Circle and darken the lines as in the example below. Add the details on the shoes.

how to draw a halfling


Step 6

Using hatching add shadows as in our example. Note, that the light comes from the front of the character, so we add shadows to the back side. And don’t forget to add the casting shadow.

how to draw an old halfling


If you want, you can add some colors, to make the drawing more interesting.

how to draw an old halfling

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