How to Draw a Bazooka for Beginners

Bazooka drawing

Basically, we show you how to draw people, soldiers, or a variety of characters from a comic books or anime. But we also like to create different art lessons about equipment or weapons. And this very tutorial will be devoted to a weapon. So, let’s start the tutorial about how to draw a bazooka for beginners.


Step 1

The lesson as a whole will be very simple, and the first step is completely striking in its simplicity. Here we will only need to outline a long and flat rectangle.

how to draw a bazooka

Step 2

The second step of the lesson on how to draw a bazooka will be no less simple than the first. Here we will need to sketch out the details in the front and back of the bazooka.

How to draw a Bazooka easy

Step 3

Another super easy step. Here we will need to sketch out a handle, a trigger and a stock at the bottom of the bazooka. If you did everything right, then the drawing of a bazooka is done.

How to draw a bazooka for beginners

As we told you at the very beginning of the lesson, it will be very easy to draw a bazooka. But if you want more complicated lessons on weapons, then visit our category under the name “Weapons”, where you will find lessons about a variety of swords and guns.

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