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How to Draw a Monocular

How to draw monoculars

As has been said repeatedly in previous articles, our artists want to show you how to draw everything in this beautiful world. And this article will be devoted to how to draw a monocular. This item, which has long been not so popular, and which has already been replaced by binoculars, was very popular around the world and was the assistant of hundreds of discoverers.


Step 1

We begin many drawing lessons with a simple cylinder, and this simple instruction is no exception. To draw the cylinder correctly, first sketch two simple straight lines. Then, on one side draw an oval, and on the other side a “C” shaped curve.

How to draw monoculars easy

Step 2

Now let’s turn this simple cylinder into something more like a monocular sketch. To do this, depict the outlines of the front face of the monocular and the lens, as is done by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw monoculars easy

Step 3

All modern monoculars have different modes, which can be customized using special thumbscrews that wrap the body. So, draw these very thumbscrew with the help of several elementary transverse and longitudinal lines.

How to draw a Monoculars for beginners

Step 4

Our drawing of the monocular is almost complete, and we just have to make it more voluminous and solid. To do this, we need to portray some shadows on the body and some glare on the lenses.

How to draw monoculars

Above, we showed you how to draw a monocular using four literally elementary steps. But using these simple steps you can draw not only a monocular, but also a telescope and even binoculars, simply by adding a second “eye” and connecting them with the help of such a bridge and adding a few thumbscrews.

How to draw binoculars

The team of Drawingforall.net really hopes that you were able to accurately repeat everything that you saw above. Try to draw a monocular separately, or in the hands of a military man or a sailor. And if you want to be aware of all the other drawing lessons, then be sure to subscribe to us in social networks and share our drawing lessons.

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