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How to Draw a Bear Face

how to draw a bear face

The bear is one of the most popular animals among artists. That is why we created this drawing tutorial on how to draw a bear face. We decided to present this rather complicated looking drawing as a sequence of a few simple steps. The steps are arranged in such a way that this tutorial on how to draw a bear face is simple and accessible for everyone, even the most novice artists.


Step 1

First, we outline a large circle with which we will determine the location of our bear’s face. If you plan to draw a portrait, feel free to place this circle in the center of the sheet.
Also in this step, we will outline the location of the eyes using a horizontal line and divide the bear’s face into two approximate parts using a vertical line. Note that the horizontal line should be positioned slightly above the approximate center.

drawing a bear face

Step 2

So we continue with the guide on how to draw a bear face. Now let’s outline the main facial features of this lovely bear. With the help of rough, angular shapes, we will outline the nose and ears. Also in this step, we sketch out the outlines of the eyes, which look like two small semicircles.

easy way to draw a bear face

Step 3

In this step, we will add some very important lines. First, we add the rounded shapes from the previous step to get the eyes of the bear. After that, we draw a wide nose with a pair of round nostrils.

how to draw an easy bear face

Step 4

Now we are almost done drawing the basic features of our bear’s face. In this step, we will draw a line that separates the upper and lower jaw. We will also outline the contours of the nose in more detail.

how to draw a bear face for beginners

Step 5

A little bear fur texture is exactly what is needed in this step. To depict this texture, we will draw jagged wavy lines laterally and below the facial features. Don’t forget to outline the inner parts of the ears like in our sample.

how to draw a bear face step by step easy

Step 6

Now we can safely erase all unnecessary lines from our bear face drawing. Also in this step, we can correct any inaccuracies and errors from the previous steps.

how to draw a bear face realistic

Step 7

In this step, we can paint small shadows to make the bear face drawing more realistic. The shadows look like several short oblique lines. In the places where the thickest shadow is located, you can add another layer of hatching. If you are a beginner artist and have not planned to work with shadows, you can simply skip this step.

how to draw a bear face step by step

Step 8

So this is the last step of our drawing guide. If you follow the correct sequence of steps, you will see something like this art on your paper sheet:

how to draw a bear face

If you decide not to add shadows, then you can color your drawing of the bear’s face. You can use brown or black to create regular forest bears. If you want your bear to become polar, just leave your bear face drawing as it looked in the last or penultimate step.

Our mission is to teach you how to draw complicated animals in a very simple way. And it is equally important that the result be realistic enough. If we cope with our task – let us know about it. If not, then let us know about it too. And also be sure to subscribe to our social media – this will greatly help us to evolve and make new cool drawing guides.


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