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How to Draw a Chibi Princess

How to draw a chibi Princess

The team of Drawing For All not so long ago began a series of drawing articles about the various characters drawn in the chibi style. In this series we showed our readers how to draw chibi Spider-Man, chibi love, chibi girl and a huge number of different characters in the chibi style. Today we want to continue this theme and show you how to draw a chibi princess.


Step 1

The drawing lesson begins with a simple oval – it will be the head of our chibi princess. Next, outline two lines on the face, with which we draw the details of the face.

How to draw a chibi Princess

Step 2

This step will be a little more hard. Here we need to sketch out a neck, outlines of the torso and limbs. Note that the ratio of head and body of chibi is very different from what we can see in an ordinary person.

How to draw a chibi Princess step by step

Step 3

The main outlines of the body of our character are ready, now we add a few basic details to make it look more like a princess. Sketch the outlines of long hair and a large crown. Next, draw the outlines of the face and dress.

How to draw a chibi Princess easy

Step 4

Now let’s work with the details of our chibi princess drawing. We will start this process with the face and draw out large eyes, a small mouth and the shape of the eyebrows. Paint out the eyes with dense hatching, leaving slight glare inside the pupils.

chibi Princess drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now with the help of long, clear and smooth lines carefully draw out the hair of our chibi princess. Remove unnecessary guidelines from the head and draw out the crown.

How to sketch a chibi Princess

Step 6

We move a little lower and begin to draw out the body of the princess. Gently draw out the hands, dress and legs. Remove any unnecessary guidelines, and the drawing is ready. You can also add a few shadows.

How to draw a chibi Princess

Today we showed you how to draw a chibi princess. It was an extremely simple tutorial that was divided into a few very simple steps in order to greatly facilitate the drawing process, and so that any of our readers can cope with it. If you want even more of these simple lessons, then go to our categories under the title “For Beginners” and “Anime”, where you will find a lot of very simple simple drawing lessons for beginners.

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