How to Draw a Chrysler 300c

how to draw a Chrysler 300c

Hello everybody and welcome to drawing tutorial on how to draw a Chrysler 300c  step by step! It is a full-size sedan produced by the American company Chrysler.

Step 1

As in any other drawing lesson about cars on our site, we will begin with a general outline. That is, just take a pencil and sketch out the car body with the help of very light lines.

how to draw a Chrysler 300c

Step 2

Continue to work on general outlines. In this step sketch out the headlights and grille in the front part. Next, outline the wheels and arches and move on to the next step.

how to draw a Chrysler

Step 3

Using clear and smooth lines draw out the headlights and radiator grille between the headlights. In the middle of the grille draw out the logo of Chrysler.

how to draw a car

Step 4

Now draw out the long hood of the Chrysler 300c and bumper with smaller radiator grilles.

learn to draw a Chrysler 300c

Step 5

Continue the line of the hood that goes to the roof. Then draw the windows and mirrors.

learn to draw a Chrysler 300c

Step 6

Continue the lines of the windows and form the lines of the doors. Then draw the back of the car and door handles.

Chrysler 300c drawing tutorial

Step 7

Now we should be very careful, because we draw the wheels and arches, that must be very smooth.

how to draw a Chrysler car

Step 8

And the last step where we draw the rims. You also can add some shadows to the Chrysler as in the lessons about Ferrari and Ford Mustang.

how to draw a Chrysler 300c

It was the lesson about how to draw a Chrysler 300c. As you know, on our site there is a whole bunch of drawing lessons about cars and we are sure that you will like these lessons. So do not forget to visit all these drawing lessons and subscribe to us in social networks.

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