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How to Draw a Badger

How to Draw a Badger

Today’s drawing lesson will focus on how to draw a badger step by step. Here we will try to show the basic principles of drawing, based on which you can learn how to draw a realistic badger.


Step 1

So, first of all, we sketch out three circles – the head, the outline of the chest and pelvis.

How to Draw a Badger

Step 2

Now draw a narrow muzzle and short paws with the help of simple geometric figures.

How to Draw a Badger

Step 3

Using a smooth line combine the entire drawing, sketch out out the nose, small eyes and ears.

How to Draw a Badger step by step

Step 4

Erase the ovals from the first step and draw out the drawing using clear and dark lines.

badger drawing

Step 5

Let’s start adding shadows using hatching. Paint the eyes, nose and dark part of the hair.

How to Draw a Badger

So, it was a drawing lesson about how to draw a badger. Note that this animal can be drawn not only with pencils, but also with a paints or markers. Also, you can add a background to your drawing, it can be a forest landscape, because badgers are forest dwellers. Or you can draw a badger near his mink, or next to other animals (for example a squirrel).

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